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Product Number:  3020000Availability: See below
Manufacturer:  WTSCategory: Lab & Medical Practice
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LIQUIDIS CL Disinfecting agent
for dental treatment units and other water-bearing systems

In one ml of water only 100 germs are approved (except for different pathogens) according to the drinking water ordinance. This basic load of the tap water is sufficient to realise a biofilm (recognisable as a green film at the rim of the glass) in any ponding water after a while, the so-called pioneer bacteria. They again are basis for other bacteria whose population is able to duplicate itself in 20° C warm and ponding water at intervals of 6 seconds. Eventually also dangerous pathogens settle.

Don't worry about controls!
Water-bearing dental systems are often populated by microorganisms. Only a few drops of LIQUIDIS CL per litre of water are sufficient for the disinfection of dental units and for the mortification of microorganisms. LIQUIDIS CL eliminates all kinds of bacteria inclusive all legionella, fungi, yeasts and algae for a long time. At a long-term application it can even degrade biofilms.

Highly effective, nontoxic to humans
LIQUIDIS CL is a highly effective and to humans nontoxic biocide on the basis of a pure hypochlorous acid. It is drinking water approved according to TVO, has no toxic side effects, is not caustic and neutral to handle. In the application concentration it is no danger for patients and staff and degrades itself afterwards residue-free to sodium chloride (common salt) and water.

Packaging units: 60, 250, 500 and 1000 ml.
Weight: 0,75; 0,5; 1 kg

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LIQUIDIS CL 60 ml dripping bottle Derzeit nicht Lieferbar, Vorbestellung möglich 3020060 13,03 €
LIQUIDIS CL 250 ml Derzeit nicht Lieferbar, Vorbestellung möglich 3020250 18,91 €
LIQUIDIS CL 500 ml Derzeit nicht Lieferbar, Vorbestellung möglich 3020500 30,17 €
LIQUIDIS CL 1000 ml Derzeit nicht Lieferbar, Vorbestellung möglich 3021000 50,34 €
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