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WTS WasserTechnik & Service
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We analyse and comment, we advise and write the adequate prescription!

Our devices and systems for the production of DI water (De-Ionised water, also called demineralised water or fully desalinated water) provide the adequate solution for any demand. We provide mixed-bed ion exchangers in different sizes: the small, practical exchangeable cartridge system LIQUIPURE, the maintenance-friendly, higly efficient pressure vessel DEWAPURE, or the dispensing station with integrated reverse osmosis module REOBOX. All devices produce pure water according to DIN EN 13060 / 285 and VDE 0510 from normal tapwater.

The main fields of application are dental laboratories and practices and other medical facilities where DI water is used for autoclaves, sterilisers, washing machines and other, common lab appliances; furthermore, for washing machines (rinsing), cleaning of glass facades, solar- and photovoltaic panels and wherever drying residues must be prevented; also, in industrial appliances such as metal processing, immersion baths, dilutions, printing, cooling systems or air conditioning.

Our own laboratory provides water analyses that are used as a basis for developing and building water treatment systems by our partner Europure GmbH & Co. KG, such as reverse osmosis systems for producing large amounts of DI water. Their specialist subject is water treatment for waterjet cutting machines.


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